About Us

CANSAN Prefabricated Construction Elements Industry And Commerce Inc, founded in 2015, by CEO Kamber Gülsoy.

Before CANSAN, Kamber GÜLSOY was cofounder of OZANCAN Prefabricated Construction Elements and D-R Prefabricated Construction, and contributed their growth on building sector until he left the cofounder position.

Kamber GÜLSOY and his experienced team which he works with for an extended period of time are working with 30 years of experience, inovative perspective and organizational structure to lead the sector.

Our production facility has a 8000 m2 confined area on 26.000m2 open area, and by our modern concrete plant and new formworks, we are constructing projects based construction sides, producing prefabricated structural components, engineering structures and substructure components.

Our Mission

  • CANSAN originates from universal projects and with its’ innovative perspective, ensure its’ undertakings. In its’ all actions CANSAN prioritises customer satisfaction and company’s values based on trustworthiness and economy.
  • CANSAN sincerely elightens its customers to ensure customers investments direct in a right way ande nsure its undertaking in all times by the perception of respecting time.
  • CANSAN is competitive, ensures its undertakings in time, by ensuring the customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

  • CANSAN is trustworthy, ensures its undertakings,, adds an extravalue to it’s work,

  • CANSAN is now working and will work for increase it’s reputation.

  • CANSAN is continously increasing it’s dignity, and set an example to it’s colleages and competitiors and show it particulary in all works.

Quality Certificates